Christmas gifts for adventure-loving kids

Christmas gifts for adventure-loving kids

I love reading children’s wish lists. They’re so honest, so full of imagination and dreams with no limits. There’s no: “That’s impossible.” There’s no: “That’s too big, too small, too much, not enough.”

When did you write last letter to Santa, and what did it say? And how often did you receive presents that you really didn’t want and couldn’t use? At what age do children stop writing Christmas wish lists? And why, actually? Isn’t it actually something so lovely, and, moreover, so useful? I keep asking myself all these questions.

But in this blog post, we actually intend to give answers – to questions that you’re most likely asking if you’re still looking for Christmas presents for children. If you’re already panicking because you still need gifts, maybe it will give you some comfort when I say that I, even as I write this very blog post, still have not purchased a single holiday present.

Because #itsbetteroutside

Because we firmly believe that children should spend as much time outdoors in nature as possible, all our present ideas have something to do with adventures in the fresh air. We separated them into three categories: small, medium and bigger presents.

Christmas gifts for kids - An Owl with three gifts

Christmas gifts for kids
under 100 Euro

Gloves with grip

Depending on the temperature, little explorers need gloves. To make sure nothing at all can slip through their fingers while on the move, we have (in our namuk Statement mittens, for example) given the super non-slip material on the palms even more grip with an additional silicon print.

The glowing pompom

At this dark time of year, good visibility is incredibly important. Our Pola beanie has a pompom with reflective properties for that very reason. For a lot of kids, it’s a true highlight.

Christmas Gifts for Kids - Pola Beanie

For a better view

Because explorers not only need to be seen well, but must also be able to see well themselves, a headlamp is a practical tool for any adventurer.

Maximum cuddle factor

For this one, it’s all about the cuddle factor. Even if long underwear isn’t necessarily at the top of a little adventurer’s list for Santa, it does provide warm and happy hours – when out and about, of course, but especially at home after the winter fun, while sipping warm hot cocoa and soup. For cold nights, the Merino long underwear – leggings and a top – double as cuddly pajamas.


And for everyone who’s just looking for a small present (or a stocking stuffer), warm and soft socks are always a good option. They’re a present that’s underrated, but actually so useful and practical.

Christmas gifts for kids - Socks

Nature encyclopedia

There’s one book that has accompanied me my whole life long. When I was small, my father took it to the woods with us and read it out loud to me. Then at some point, I read it myself, and now I take it along when I go out exploring with my daughter: a nature encyclopedia. We seek and find plants and animals, and read all about them right away.

Christmas gifts for kids
under 200 Euro

The explorer kit

In forests and fields, in the park – everywhere, there’s so much to explore! With binoculars or a monocle and a little notebook with a pencil, all the discoveries can be noted and preserved forever. With a rope, branches hanging lose in a tree or floating down a stream can be captured. And if it’s a real climbing rope, it can even be used to help get through a tricky passage on a mountain safely.


Little adventurers need a backpack they can depend on. The explorer kit needs space. One cannot do without food and drink, and in addition, all the treasures found along the way must be brought home somehow. This backpack from namuk is waterproof and super light, and has a removable hip belt and a special bottle holder.

Christmas gifts for kids - Child sits deep in the snow.

For nimble and warm feet

Putting the right shoes on our little adventurers is extremely important. They should be able to run and play without sore feet or worrying about cold or even wet tootsies. They need the right sole with a tread for every terrain they might encounter. And if combined with the right socks? That’s simply an unbeatable package.

Christmas gifts for kids
over 200 Euro

Dry even after hours (and hours)

Anyone who is excitedly following tracks or seeking a precious treasure should not be stopped by a rain or snow shower. For that reason, our rain and snow gear, with a water column of 15,000, keeps wetness out – even after hours outside. It’s not all that often that children ask Santa for clothing. I think it’s because they often take it for granted. Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa – they’ll take care of it and make sure I don’t get cold outside. But namuk’s Mission jacket, for example, is so much more than just a jacket that keeps kids warm and dry. In this jacket, little adventurers glow in the dark. They have many pockets to stow their treasures. There’s a key holder to secure the key to the treasure chest. And thanks to the integrated Overall Connection System, they can turn a jacket and pants into an indestructible, impenetrable ski suit. Then they’re fully equipped for the slopes or a day of sledding.

Christmas gifts for kids - Kids are running through the snow

Everything for the slopes in one bundle

And for all those who love nothing more than to spend winter on the slopes – whether on skis or a snowboard – the overall is a present that packs so much into one piece. It’s practical, innovative, durable, and trés chic to boot. And with the toilet zipper, little owl children win every race during bathroom break.

Have a wonderful and adventur-filled holiday season!

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