We are a small team of creative designers, product developers, material experts and other pros that has been designing and developing technical and functional clothing for more than 20 years with great passion.

Everyday we get up to develop the best gear that is great for our kids and great for our planet. Your feedback means the world to us.

About namuk

A little insight into the fast growing team of namuk and the common vision we pursue with our work.

The video was recorded for the Swiss Economic Award 2022, the most important young entrepreneur award in Switzerland.

In a multi-stage judging process, namuk was chosen by the knowledgeable experts as one of the three finalists.

Franz Bittmann

Founder / CEO

Franz lives where he can hear the quiet tranquility of nature. He explores the world with his children, in the mountains, on the lake – anywhere, as long as they’re outdoors.

When a namuk product comes out exactly as it was in his head, he is happy.

Vincent Aebi


Vincent lives in Zurich but is a child of the countryside. Growing up in a village near Berne where cows outnumber people, he spent his childhood in the forest. When he’s not on the move with his racing bike, he can be found reliving childhood memories in nature with his two children.

“Leicht bringt weit,” say the Swiss mountaineers – travel far by packing light. That’s why Vincent’s favorite product is the Neo Primaloft jacket. Ultralight, packable into a small bundle, and with a lining of the highest warmth-to-weight ratio, it’s the perfect jacket all year long.

Noemi Andres

Junior E-Commerce Manager

Noemi travels every day from the beautiful, Alp-studded “Ostschweiz” – Eastern Switzerland – to the Zurich region. In her free time, she likes to call the tune not only when making music but also in the kitchen.

Her favorite product is the Panda high-loft fleece jacket, which is just as fluffy as namuk’s owly feathers.

Simon Bertschinger

Head of E-Commerce

Simon lives in a foxhole, very close to namuk's old oak tree. He enjoys the beauty of nature with his family/pack and loves to discover new things every day.

His favorite product is the combination of Four Ski Jacket + Corbet Ski Pants.

Susan Dappen

Operations Manager

Susie lives in Zurich, just a hop, skip and jump away from our namuk office here in Wetzikon. But she doesn’t hop, skip or jump to the office. She prefers to ride her bike… as long as the sun is shining. :)

When Susie isn’t busy making sure the many namuk products are all at the right place at the right time, she loves to discover things in nature, big and small, with her camera. If she could, she would slip into a wonderful Chip rain jacket to withstand any bad weather that comes along (sorry, Susie; namuk rain jackets are made just for kids!).

Dominik Eisenbart


Dominik lives in the Zurich Oberland region, where you often see him biking. His favorite place to be, however, is in the Swiss mountains.
In summer, he enjoys tranquility while fishing at far-flung mountain lakes, and in winter, he loves laying fresh tracks in powder snow. He feels at home not only in nature, but also in the world of numbers.

His favorite namuk product is the Neo PrimaLoft jacket true navy.

Katrin Gisinger

Product Development

Katrin moved from Germany to Zurich.

She loves traveling around the world, discovering new countries and cultures.

Katrin’s favorite product is the Mou high-loft fleece baby overall because it’s so fluffy and warm.

Andreas Huber

Art Director

Andreas lives surrounded by green parks and deep-blue rivers.

He loves to be active outdoors: Whenever he has a free moment, he can be found in the mountains – whether mountain climbing, skiing, biking, or wandering over hill and dale. Adventure is always calling to him and he’s always ready to heed the call.

Being on the go from morning till night, his favorite product is the cuddly, warm Gufo Merino neckwarmer.

Vanessa Keel

Product Management / Development

Vanessa lives in Zurich near chickens, from whom she can sometimes take eggs.
Being connected with nature, as well as living a balanced life, is important to her. She always enjoys discovering new culinary delights.

Favorite namuk product? The beanies!

Natascha Lechner

Pop-up Stores

Natascha lives with her husband and three children in the countryside, where squirrels frolic and birds chirp. Not far away, there’s a protected world of nature and animals, with wonderful bodies of water.

Sie loves all four seasons – each with its own colors, shapes, scents and sounds. But the very best are the cold, clear winter days, with a fresh-fallen blanket of snow and no sounds but the crunching of the snow when walking, snowboarding or cross-country skiing. That’s why she has one clear favorite: THE first namuk product! It’s the Quest ski suit – that is, overall!

Chiara Marty

Junior Product Support

Every day, Chiara travels with the S5 commuter train from Zurich Altstetten directly to Wetzikon in pretty Schönau.

Because she grew up in Grisons – the Alp-studded region known in German as Graubünden – she is happy to be working on the edge of the city and to have a little farm shop in Zurich within biking distance.

Chiara’s favorite namuk piece is the Avan bio-fleece jacket because it’s made of biodegradable polyester, so it’s truly innovative.

Daniela Sprenger

Sales Manager Switzerland

Daniela lives in a small, green town not far from Zurich.

In her free time, she’s happiest outside, near namuk the owl… at the lake, in the woods, or – in winter – in the snow.

She loves animals - especially merino sheep - so her favorite product is the Uil Merino Longsleeve.

Desirée Stäheli

Customer Care

Désirée lives two wide valleys away from namuk's old oak tree, close to the water.
She spends her free time in the wonderful mountains whenever possible. She loves to escape the heat in summer, fleeing to a mountain peak - and equally adores actively enjoying the snowy fairytale landscape in winter.

Most of all, she loves to travel for weeks over hill and dale and throughout the wonderful world of glaciers, from hut to hut. That’s why her favorite product is the ultra lightweight and compressible Kalon line.

Beth Steele

Vice President North America

Beth lives far from her Swiss colleagues, in USA but is connected by her love of nature and her desire to ensure that her kids grow up with plenty of it! Beth loves Lake Champlain in summer and all the nature that Vermont has to offer in all seasons.

Favorite products: Four Jacket and Corbet pants- high design and tech for kids to explore the tops of mountains. What could be better?

Miriam Vieli-Goll

Visual Merchandising

Miriam lives in the Zurich Oberland region, near namuk, in lovely Schönau.

Design and creating beautiful displays are her greatest passions, both in her workday and her free time.

She adores chatting with her grown daughters – one studying fashion in Basel and the other psychology in Zurich – about common interests such as music, photography, film and fashion

Her favorite product from namuk: Icon Primaloft vest