Our clothes can even survive this…

Our clothes can even survive this…

What makes namuk a "sustainable" children's brand? How can you be sure that we're not just greenwashing? What exactly do we do to protect our home, the planet, and mother nature? These are questions that we'll be answering in detail on this blog. Today, we´ll start with one of our favorite topics:


We operate based on a conviction that creating children's clothes that last longer can make a big and noticeable difference. With every production step, resources are used, and so every piece of clothing that can be worn a little longer helps.

If I only need one jacket instead of three, then I'm saving resources!

Of course, we also do our best to produce sustainably and make decisions that protect and preserve nature - and we'll share more about that on this blog soon - but especially when it comes to durability, our product team doesn't compromise.

According to a study by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, wearing clothing for a longer time is one of the most effective ways to improve our CO2 footprint. If we were to wear our clothes on average twice as long, we could reduce emissions by 44%. (Source: https://ellenmacarthurfoundation.org/a-new-textiles-economy)

Over 500 parents have confirmed that our clothes last up to three times longer than products from other manufacturers!

Graphic on a survey of over 500 parents who were asked about the longevity of namuk clothing

The lab tells us the same thing - and we´ve had our clothes tested extensively. TÜV Süd, among others, tested our Rush Pants for abrasion resistance. The product was put into a machine that rubs against the fabric over and over again. The material held up to 200,000 rotations! That means our pants scored up to 10 times better than pants from other manufacturers.

That means 10 times more fun sliding, crawling, exploring caves, and stumbling without the pants tearing! It also means that our clothing items can make several little namukers happy - one, two, or even three generations!

What do the kids say?

So, we've heard feedback from the parents and the lab, but the most important voices are still missing. namuk produces clothes for children - so we always focus on the needs of our little adventurers. We try to put ourselves in their shoes and imagine the big ideas they will come up with in their little heads.

Child is dragged on a namuk pants over a gravel path

Our goal is to equip our little adventurers with the best materials we can find so they can be prepared for anything. They should be able to explore freely and trust that they'll stay dry and warm - so even the craziest ideas should be no match for our clothes.

Five children standing on footbridge by water

We sent these five adventurous kids out to test our products - under real conditions. Watch the results in these videos...

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