What’s the story behind the namuk prints?

What’s the story behind the namuk prints?

Putting design into words really isn’t easy. Nonetheless, we’ve tried and collected words that, as we see it, represent namuk’s visual language.

intuitive | emotional | honest |upstanding | cheerfully colorful
different | brave | thoughtful | trustworthy | progressive

We develop clothing for little adventurers. The children are the ones who should enjoy our products. They should feel the quality and like the design. Children make decisions intuitively. While we naturally hope that the quality, innovations, and functionality of our clothing will win over the parents, children actually speak a quite different language – emotional, very honest, of strong character. In our design, our concept, they should recognize this language and feel it resonating with them. All our prints are drawn by hand, and the inspirations lie in nature. Behind every one of them is a story.


We asked children how they would envision their perfect forest. “There would be a lot of mushrooms and gigantic carrots,” one of them answered. Another wished for bridges so that animals could get around everywhere. Their answers were the inspiration for this print.


With this print, the artist created a galaxy of her own.

Precious Things (inner lining)

The inspiration for the design on the inner lining comes from the various structures and shapes of stones – the ones that are found in Swiss rivers, for example.


The inspiration for this drawing came from the mood of a rainy day.


As the name already suggests, the idea behind this print is a stylized depiction of the earth. It’s an answer to this question: What would we see if we would cut a piece out of the ground? We’d see stones, bits of wood, roots, crystals, and so much more.


The idea behind this print is our interpretation of the Memphis Design movement of the 1980s. It came from a collective founded in Milan of furniture, textile, and ceramic designers who all broke away from the rules of functionalism. With their individual artistic inspirations, they interpreted everyday shapes anew, playfully and with a great deal of fantasy.


This drawing was inspired by the element of water and the diversity of landscapes.


This print was launched, brand new, with our spring collection 2024. It’s an interpretation of the structure of pine wood.

It is our wish that children are permitted to decide which colors and which look they want to wear. We don’t design for genders, and we don’t deal in classic stereotypes of gender roles. Clothing is an expression of an attitude towards life. With our products and multifaceted design, we want to empower kids, give them space for their personalities, and encourage them, when it feels right, to be different.

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